The International Renegade Pigs Motorcycle Club® is a non-profit organization that hosts and attends numerous charity events in support of public safety officers and their families. The membership is comprised of active and retired full-time law enforcement and fire service personnel who share the common love of riding their American-made motorcycles, and who believe that loyalty and camaraderie are core values for public safety personnel. We do not believe in politics in public safety but rather in doing what is right and being loyal to our professions. 

The club has 45 active chapters in 20 states. Individual chapters organize and conduct fundraising events throughout the year. Portions of the proceeds go to support various police and fire charities and the families of public safety officers in need. Some examples being police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty and those disabled by catastrophic injury or illness. The club also has a long-standing tradition of community support, especially seeing to the needs of small children. 

The International Renegade Pigs Motorcycle Club® members pride themselves on being a very exclusive, tight brotherhood. Membership is not given, but must be earned. The red, white and blue in our colors symbolize the patriotism that each member holds true. The flaming boar’s skull symbolizes dogged determination to overcome difficulty and to protect the brotherhood. Members of this club have no concern or time for those who choose to stereotype us based on our clothing or method of transportation, even if those negative voices come from within the public safety communities. What we do concern ourselves with are the oaths we took as public safety officials and the idea that the brotherhood is paramount. We are not afraid to be who we are, even if that means being falsely accused by those who claim to be in our extended families. We will continue to persevere through the generalizations and we will press on in our fight to better America and her communities. 

Please support the greatest public safety motorcycle club in the world. By doing so, you’ll support the brave men and women who serve our communities on a daily basis, and you will support a group whose members still remember why they entered these noble professions to begin with…