Dexter “Preacher” Taylor

North Jersey, NJ

Chapter – Forever

End Of Watch – 16 Apr 2004


Dexter joined the North Jersey Chapter in 1996. He was a court officer with the New York City Unified Court System. During that time, he served as a coordinator for their Employee Assistance Program, then as an instructor for the Court Officers’ Academy. In addition to riding his Harley, Dexter enjoyed sports and all types of physical activity, and had been a professional singer before joining the court system. One of the fondest memories of the chapter members who knew him was when he would join the band at our annual charity event for a sizzling rendition of his signature song, “Mustang Sally”. A deeply spiritual man who was devoted to his family and his church, Dexter held in his heart a wish for the well-being of all of his fellow members, which gave rise to his nickname.

On April 16, 2004, Dexter succumbed to an extended battle with cancer, which he fought with all of the passion that characterized his life.